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9:09 PM
compact sleeping bag

compact sleeping bag

Kelty Sleeping Bags

The Kelty brand has been around for over 50 years producing quality outdoor products such as tents and their  well known and used Kelty sleeping bags. The company began in 1952  making back packs from aircraft-aliminum. In fact it wasn’t until 1982 that Kelty released its first synthetic sleeping bag.

Kelty sleeping bags are very well designed and manufactured and come in a range of styles and colors to suit every need.  In fact Kelty packs were actually used in the first American ascent of Mount Everest in 1963.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your sleeping bags such as the terrain and climate that you will be exposed to. If you are planning on doing a considerable amount of hiking, then the weight of your bag may be an important factor to consider. You will also need to think about what level of insulation you will require to keep warm and of course this will all have to fit into your budget.

These sleeping bags are available in three different shapes, "Mummy”, "Rectangular”, and "Semi-Rectangular”. There is also the "Double” which may be considered as a fourth shape even though it is also rectangular. Some bags even come in two different lengths, the "Standard” being about 6 feet in length and the "Long” reaching 6 feet and 6 inches in length for the taller person.

Kelty sleeping bags are available in two sorts of insulation, one being "down” fill and the other is "synthetic” fill. The difference between the two is that the down tends to retain the warmth for longer periods of time and is also a lighter weight bag. Kelty has come up with a special synthetic fill which they call "CloudLoft” and is supposed to have very similar qualities to down fill. Keep in mind that the synthetic fill will retain its warmth for longer than the down fill when wet.

Kelty have introduced a great and simple system to categorize their sleeping bags, which in turn makes it very easy for the camper to select the correct sleeping bag for their needs.  Kelty have achieved this by placing a number after each of their sleeping bags. This number is to let you know at what minimum outdoor temperature that bag will keep you warm at. So in other words the number "0″ would mean that this bag would keep you warm even if the temperature plummets down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Kelty has a great range of sleeping bag models to suit your needs. Most models are available in the three different categories which are "Warm Weather”, "Cold Weather” and "Three Season”. So you can rest assured knowing that there are Kelty sleeping bags available for whatever climate you find yourself in on your next camping trip.

Choose the right sleeping bag for your needs with this Kelty Sleeping Bags Buyers Guide.
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