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subway coupon

Subway Coupon
Get the best deals on a nutritious Subway sandwich from any Subway Restaurant when you use the special Subway Coupon. Subway Restaurants have been serving up delicious and nutritious made to order subs and salads since 1965! Their famous slogan, "Eat Fresh" reflects their stringent use of fresh deli meats and cheeses and a load of fresh vegetable toppings from which to choose. Subway Restaurants is one of the fastest growing restaurant chain in the world.Once again, if you're looking to get the best deals on an amazing Subway sandwich, be sure to take advantage of Subway coupon.

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    subway coupon
    subway coupon

    It all started back in 1965 when Fred De Luca and Peter Buck decided to open the very first submarine sandwich restaurant in Bridgeport, CT to help fund De Luca's college costs.   The original name of the restaurant was Pete's Submarines, but it was quickly shortened to Pete's Subway, and then to just Subway. By 1974 there was 16 Subway Restaurants in Conneticut. At this point De Luca was having trouble financing the growth that he wanted to achieve, so he began to look at ways to franchise his Subway Restaurants.

    Through franchise agreements De Luca could expand his Subway empire quickly across the world.  The company was a huge hit with customers looking for a healthier alternaive to fast food, and soon they were opening restaurants across the United States. Today, the famous Subway sign can be found in 87 countries, with a total of over 30,300 stores! Take advantage of any Subway coupons and experience the wonderful fresh taste of a Subway sandwich today!