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Who Invented Espresso Machine

Luigi Bezzera a Italian engineer and businessman came up with a idea in 1903 to speed up the production of coffee. Being a engineer he relied on his mechanical abilities. At first he tried to find methods to improve the coffee brewing process using a coffee pot. During his experiments he determined that steam could be used to increase the brewing speed. He felt the coffee flavor would be additionally stronger; through the extraction the beans qualities were kept and over extraction was kept to a minimum. coffee history

who invented espresso machine

Bezzera’s first machine was called the “Fast Coffee Machine” The name espresso came from the name of the machine because in Italian espresso means fast.

A businessman named Desidero Pavoni played a big part in changing the way coffee was drank. He started marketing espresso coffee across the world and increased its popularity. Bezzera was a good inventor but had no marketing skills. But a businessman who new marketing could do well. La Pavoni obtained the rights to patent and sell the new machine. In his marketing he used many photos of him and the “Cafe Espresso” machine. The the marketing the Italian people knew espresso and La Pavoni.
We now live in a market that is over one hundred years from the orginal one. Even after all that time espresso is still growing in markets around the world. People don’t have to travel to Italy to get a good espresso coffee. Coffee shop popularity has grown allowing us to get excellent espresso coffee worldwide.

who invented espresso machine

So now you have a short history of espresso and its fabulous flavor with the crema foam on top.

If you love espresso, you can continue to pay the high prices to the coffee shops or you can make your own espresso coffee cup. It just takes you investing in a burr grinder and a good quality espresso maker.
When people start to shop they make the mistake and go by price. Most don’t understand that you need a maker with 9 to 18 bars of pressure. Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheaper one.

It is a fact: To make a good espresso coffee you need the proper bar pressure for complete extraction.

Sorry to say, this takes a good and somewhat expensive maker with a burr grinder. If you can not afford to spend around $400 to $500 then my suggestion is to wait until you can. Espresso coffee is a experience that can be ruined by a inadequate maker.

If you are interested then you are at the right place. Read through the best espresso machine review to see posts on the best espresso machine manufacturers and the most popular and best espresso machines.

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